Dojo Media is growing and actively progressing. We are determined to set new standards in digital and welcome talented people to our team.

We treat digital as an art form and welcome people with and without work experience.
Have experience in design and knowledge of modern software
Designer (Middle)
Already knows tools, but does not yet have much experience
Designer (Junior)
Expert in Google search ranking principles
He does a little bit of everything, but he can grow into a great specialist
Doing a little bit of everything
Digital handyman
A person with good communication skills
Project manager
Has a basic knowledge of programming languages and little experience
A beginner, but promising
Fullstack developer (Junior)
Knows current promotion and analytics tools
understands the subject
Digital marketing manager
You want to work in digital and you understand that you really need this job
best of the best
The perfect employee
A beginner with little experience
with experience
I want to join your team
Give us your contacts and attach your CV – we'll write.

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